Express Your Love of Broadway

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While Valentine's Day has passed, the sentiment holds true. Taking a moment now to participate will go a long way.

Happy Valentine's Day, Bike Tarrytown Friends:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Bike lanes will boost Tarrytown
And Sleepy Hollow too

We Love Broadway

Our ballad for a Broadway bike lane is in this month's Hudson Independent. The op-ed lays out why a protected bike lane is needed and how it'll work. The Chamber of Commerce wrote the "counterpoint" piece, supporting the lane if challenges get addressed. It's on page 8 and at

You Do Too

Express your deepest desires of safely biking on Broadway. Tarrytown's Trustees need love and reassurance that you'll to ride to town when a protected bike lane is installed. Have your kids write too!

Worried about a long distance relationship? Don't be! The one kink shared by all Tarrytown merchants is people spending money. Let the Trustees know you'd do that when it's safe to bike here.

(Details are in the "Guidance" section, at the end of this message.)

Share Your Love, Cupid Has Gifts

Sustaining Members are the true romantics, inspiring us to continue working full time improving the economy and health of our villages. Be a Sustaining Member by February 28 and Cupid may give you a gift certificate to Hastings Velo!

Join Today:

See you,


Guidance for a Great Love Letter

If you're super busy, just say you want a protected bike lane built along the east side of Broadway. Provide a quick reason why if you can.

If you have a moment to invest, simply relay your story. Don't worry about it being perfect. Just do it! Some questions you might want to answer:

People shop by bike everywhere. It's convenient, fast and free. Stylish cyclists get to salons and shops swiftly.

(Click thumbnails to get full sized flyers)

Some inspirational shop by bike & family biking photos:

Here's who to write to...


    Drew Fixell <>,
    Thomas Butler <>,
    Karen Brown <>,
    Robert Hoyt <>,
    Mary McGee <>,
    Rebecca McGovern <>,
    Douglas Zollo <>,
    Richard Slingerland <>,
    Route 9 Steering Committee <>

Sleepy Hollow

    Ken Wray <>,
    Denise Scaglione <>,
    Glenn Rosenbloom <>,
    John Leavy <>,
    Rachelle Gebler <>,
    Sam Gonzalez <>,
    Sandra Spiro <>,
    Anthony Giaccio <>,
    Route 9 Steering Committee <> | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn