Getting the Route 9 Resolution Right in Sleepy Hollow

Diagram of Broadway between Pierson Ave to Beekman Ave.

Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2020
From: Daniel Convissor To: Denise Scaglione <>, Glenn Rosenbloom <>, John Leavy <>, Ken Wray <>, Rachelle Gebler <>, Sam Gonzalez <>, Sandra Spiro <>
Cc: Anthony Giaccio <>
Subject: route 9 thanks

Dear Mayor and Trustees:

Thank you for moving forward on the Route 9 study's Phase 2 resolution.

The Mayor made a good point about the need for making Broadway one lane per direction (plus turn lanes) from the Dutch Church to Beekman Ave. [Video of those comments] Fortunately, that is exactly what the plan provides:

Deputy Mayor Rosenbloom's enthusiasm is welcome. His question about benefits vs costs is a good one. A wide variety of research finds walking and cycling infrastructure leads to benefits far outweighing the investments.

* Physical and mental health are boosted from being active, plus the social interactions that happen along the way, as well as the independence provided (especially among children and the elderly)

* The new transportation options open up new job, shopping, education and social opportunities

* Air, noise and water pollution drop as safe streets allow people the choice of walking and rolling instead of feeling forced to drive. Of course, further health benefits then flow from that.

Please contact me with any questions you have.



Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020
Subject: Re: route 9 thanks

Dear Mayor and Trustees:

While considering the Route 9 resolution wording, please keep the following in mind about Broadway between Beekman and Depeyster.

Car storage utilization here is light to moderate. Many spaces remain open for much of the day.

In 2018, gas main construction removed all of those parking spots. Sometimes all day. Sometimes all night. This situation inadvertently provided a real world study. It proved everybody is capable of figuring out other places to put their vehicles.

The Route 9 Plan proposes the eastern most lane here have its present use (leaving private property in public space) elevated to providing everyone new, safe transportation choices for heading to school, the library, church, grocery shopping, etc.

Collage of people saying they're too scared to bike on Broadway. People who bike aren't a fixed number of constituents to be placated. We are an untapped resource to be cultivated.

The lane will be used by our residents who are yearning to travel by cycling, scooting, wheelchairs, etc. Some of these folks are photographed here:


--Dan | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn