Broadway for Everybody

Broadway in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow is set up for one thing: cars. Now's the time to change it. We need a Broadway everybody can use.

To this end, we are organizing public support for the "Route 9 Active Transportation Conceptual Design Plan."

Here's our two page primer on the topic (PDF):

And our op-ed in the Hudson Independent: web, PDF.

People shop by bike everywhere. It's convenient, fast and free. Stylish cyclists get to salons and shops swiftly.

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Bikes Mean Business

We're talking with store owners about how Bikes Mean Business. (PDF version)

Our villages have 20,000 people living within 2 miles of downtown. Providing real transportation choices means most residents can bike to shops quicker than they can drive and park. That means people cycling spend more money locally than drivers.

And safe places to ride will invite recreational riders into our broad array of restaurants and bars.

Combining the two means the Broadway bike lane will be a boon for our businesses.

Merchant holding sign saying they want the bike lane on Broadway

Merchants Want a Broadway for Everybody

The merchants we've spoken with are nearly all in favor of a protected bike lane being built on Broadway. There's wide spread agreement that tackling the parking issue is key to making the bike lane a reality.

Our Twitter feed includes shout outs to stores supporting the project.

Person holding sign saying they want to bike to the C-Town, but are too scared to bike on Route 9.

And Residents Want It Too

Collage of people saying they're too scared to bike on Broadway

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We've met over 100 people who want to bike places in town but are too afraid to do so, or would bike more if things were safer. So they end up driving (and parking) instead. (There's a compact version of this on our website, too.) | | T: @BikeTarrytown