Tarrytown Action for Broadway

Fall, 2018

Steering Committee's recommendations for south side of Tarrytown. (Click on diagrams for higher resolution.)

Tarrytown's government cut the lane off at Benedict Ave, missing connections to the Old Croton Aqueduct and Main St, plus making people cycling cross Broadway twice for no reason.

Steering Committee's recommendations for Sleepy Hollow & north end of Tarrytown

Tarrytown's government truncated the plan, discouraging people from riding to the Library, C-Town and nearby shops.


The Route 9 study's Steering Committee made excellent recommendations for a compromise plan that would allow people to cycle safely to Washington Irving School, Warner Library and shops. Plus it would stitch together the Old Croton Aqueduct. All without touching parking in Tarrytown's downtown core.

Then Tarrytown officials made significant changes that undermined the connectivity and usability of the path. Here are the points that need to be re-added to the plan:


Send a quick email to Tarrytown's Mayor, Trustees and Route 9 Committee:

Drew Fixell <dfixell@tarrytowngov.com>,
Thomas Butler <tbutler@tarrytowngov.com>,
Karen Brown <kbrown@tarrytowngov.com>,
Robert Hoyt <rhoyt@tarrytowngov.com>,
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