2019 NY State Legislative Priorities

2019 brought new leadership to the Transportation Committees in both houses of New York State's Legislature. The Senate's Chair is Timothy Kennedy (D - Buffalo) and the Assembly's Chair is William Magnarelli (D - Syracuse).

Upon hearing the good news, we tweeted a thread about it with our New York State legislative priorities, @'ing the new heads in the process. But that's informal, let alone many people don't monitor their mentions.

So we assembled the tweets into a PDF and emailed that to the new Chairs.

Of course, if you have ideas you want to see on the legislative agenda, you should send them emails as well:

Timothy Kennedy <kennedy@nysenate.gov>
William Magnarelli <magnarw@nyassembly.gov>

Their phone numbers are:
Kennedy: 518-455-2426
Magnarelli: 518-455-4826

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