Route 119 - Elmsford: add a crosswalk at the South County Trailway

One way to create safety on Route 119 around the South County Trailway and Route 9A

So far, the Route 119 study hasn't set forth a crosswalk at the South County Trailway, nor ways to make the Route 9A intersection safer.

Presently, people are asked to walk from the trail, to the Route 9A intersection, cross there and walk back to the other side of the trail. This 450' journey can take around 2 minutes.

You may not realize this, but there are cyclists who have difficulty walking, or can't walk at all.

And the 9A intersection is very busy, with many cars turning through the croswalks. So walking there is uncomfortable and even delays people driving.

The crossing for people using the trail should be moved to the Saw Mill River Parkway entrance. See the diagram (right) of one way that can be accomplished.

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