Tarrytown: bike lane will be better on the north side

Due to poor communication and misunderstandings, the plan shows the 2-way protected bike lane on the south side of Route 119. Between Route 9 and Benedict Ave, the north side of Route 119 is the far better choice. There are two key reasons why:

  1. The Thruway entrance is on the south side of 119. Having the 2-way protected bike lane run across it will delay everyone, create conflicts during traffic jams, and cause crashes.
  2. The north side has 3 times more people living there (1,847 vs 575)

An extensive list of pros and cons is in the table below.

Fortunately, at this point everything is conceptual, so can easily be changed during later phases. The cost of building on one side vs the other are pretty much the same.

LocationSouth SideNorth Side
Route 9 -1 Cross 119 jug handle and Route 9 +1 Just cross Route 9
Gas Stations -1 Yes -1 Yes
Shopping center +1 No driveway
-1 Awkward access to shopping
+1 Direct access to shopping
-1 Driveway (could get closed)
Aqueduct Trail -1 Unsignalized crossing +1 Direct connection
Thruway Ramps -2 Large volume of cars, trucks, buses turning across bike lane (result: delays, conflicts, crashes) +1 Urgent Care driveway with traffic signals
Fire House 0 Other side of street 0 Same side of street, but no real impact
Meadow St / Sleepy Hollow Gardens +1 Direct access for Meadow St +2 Direct access for SHG (bigger population)
Talleyrand +1 Direct access for Talleyrand office/homes
-1 Cross at signal for side entrance to SHG homes
+1 Direct access for side entrance to SHG homes
-1 Cross at signal for Talleyrand office/homes
Carrollwood -1 Unsignalized crossing +1 Direct access
Crescent Dr. (east end) +1 Direct access -1 Unsignalized crossing *
Courtyard Hotel -1 Unsignalized crossing +1 Direct access
Old White Plains Rd -1 Unsignalized crossing +2 Direct access (big population)
SpringHill Hotel +1 Direct access -1 Unsignalized crossing *
Consistency w/ East of Benedict +1 Same side -1 Other side
Total -4 = (+6 + -10) +5 = (+11 + -6)

* If the main 2-way protected bike lane is on the north side of Route 119, a bike lane spur can be built on the south side of 119 that links the east end of Crescent Dr to Benedict Ave. The spur would connect to the 2-way bike lane when the main lane crosses to the south side of Route 119 around Benedict Ave.

Between the east end of Crescent Dr and Benedict Ave, it will be wise to have a 2-way protected lane on both sides of Route 119. It provides people riding 3 choices of where to cross +, increasing the possibility of maintaining momentum and saving time. And this stretch of 119 is excessively wide, so the second bike lane will calm the street.

+ These 3 intersections have traffic signals:

Read more about Route 119

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