3/6/24: Route 9 Talking Points, Candidate Forum Link, + More

Talking Points for Thursday's Route 9 Meeting

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Route 9 workshop tomorrow. If you're seeking talking points, look no further:


Workshop info:

Thursday, March 7th
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Tarrytown Recreation Center
240 W. Main Street, Tarrytown

After-party info:

8:15-ish pm to 9:00-ish pm
Beekman Ale House
92 Beekman, Sleepy Hollow
(Everyone welcome)

Inspiring Merchants to Support Route 9 Improvements

We visited nearly every merchant in downtown Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow (150 of them!) to give them a copy of our 8 page booklet of inspirational photos explaining how improving safety and transportation options on Broadway will boost business.


We included a cover letter inviting them to the State DOT's Public Workshop happening on Thursday.

It's Expensive, Donate Now

Composing, printing, and distributing the booklet took a LOT of money and time. And we still have to print more and get them to Sleepy Hollow's merchants. Please send a contribution now:


Narrow Lanes Save Lives

Johns Hopkins University researched roadway lane widths and produced a report on the results. Most streets in the US have lanes that are 12 or 13 feet wide, allowing people to drive really fast. This paper proves that streets with 9 foot wide lanes are safest.


What Leadership Looks Like

Implementing safe streets is easy when residents elect good leaders. John Bauters, Mayor of Emeryville, CA, knows how things work and how to get things done. Of course, John isn't running for office here, but check out this 33 minute audio piece and perhaps some of his inspiration will rub off on you.


Speaking of elections...

Registration Link for Candidate Forum

Here's how to register for the Sleepy Hollow candidates forum run by the League of Women Voters on March 11:


You can also submit questions for the candidates by March 9 by emailing info@lwv-rivertowns.org.

(Sorry the link wasn't in our prior email. The LWV didn't have it ready and we had to get the email out.)

Tarrytown's New Speed Limit on Broadway

Tarrytown worked with the State Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH on Route 9 between Church St and the Sleepy Hollow border. This is a great change. Sleepy Hollow is looking to do the same thing in its downtown area too.

Comment on New York's Transportation Plan

I received an email this week about the NYS Transportation Masterplan 2050. They will be conducting public outreach soon. There is also a survey you can fill out as well.



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