5/21/24: TODAY Sleepy Hollow Complete Streets Policy

At the Sleepy Hollow's Board of Trustees Work Session tonight, the Board is likely going to finalize the wording of a new Complete Streets policy.

Sustainable Sleepy Hollow (aka the Environmental Advisory Committee) has been working with the Board for months to get an improve Complete Streets policy in place. Some members of the Board are wavering on how firm the policy should be, and if the policy should be a mandate, or just a suggestion.

Considering an average of 24 people are injured in car crashes each year in Sleepy Hollow, and many parents are uncomfortable having their kids independently walk and bike in the Village... the Complete Streets policy needs to be ambitious and required.

Please email the Board of Trustees TODAY before 6:00 pm. Feel free to rip off the text above for your message. Their email addresses are:

    Martin Rutyna <mrutyna@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Denise Scaglione <dscaglione@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Jared Rodriguez <jrodriguez@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Jim Husselbee <jhusselbee@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Lauren Connell <lconnell@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Partick Sheeran <psheeran@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Tom Andruss <tandruss@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Anthony Giaccio <agiaccio@sleepyhollowny.org>,
    Paula McCarthy <pmccarthy@villageofsleepyhollow.org>

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