7/4/24: Adventures, Victories, Curbs

Bike (Camping) Adventures

Two people riding on a shady trail.

July 13: Loop Day

View of a valley, taken through the railing of a bridge.

Hudson Valley Happy Hour

Photo of a paved, shady trail in a rock cut, curving to the right.

Train to Trail to Home

A temporary walkway through a constuction zone. Jersey barriers on the left. Barrels on the right.

A Bit of Victory on Route 9 Bridge

Now that the frame of the new walking/cycling bridge over the Thruway has been moved into place, the Thruway Authority has installed a temporary barrier protected walkway through the work zone along the west side of Broadway. The initial plan for this construction phase had the sidewalk closed and offered no direct, safe alternative.

Thank you to the Village of Tarrytown, County Legislator David Imamura, Assembly Member Shimsky, Governor Hochul and the Thruway Authority for making this happen.

Ghost Bike is Back (for Now)

Luis Zhizhpon's ghost bike has been reinstalled in observance of the anniversary of Luis' death on June 25, 2012. It should be in place for about a month.

Curb Enthusiasm

Photo of a residential street that has new curbs on the right side of it.

Think about this... How do sidewalks make our lives better? Now, how do curbs make our lives better?

Well, Tarrytown is spending big bucks building curbs in the Miller Park neighborhood. The same neighborhood that lacks sidewalks in several locations. Do you think Tarrytown has their priorities straight? It will be a good idea to communicate your priorities to the Village:

	Karen Brown <kbrown@tarrytowngov.com>,
	David Kim <dkim@tarrytowngov.com>,
	Effie Phillips-Staley <epstaley@tarrytownny.gov>,
	Paul Rinaldi <prinaldi@tarrytowngov.com>,
	Rebecca McGovern <bmcgovern@tarrytowngov.com>,
	Robert Hoyt <rhoyt@tarrytowngov.com>,
	Thomas Mitchell <tmitchell@tarrytownny.gov>,
	Richard Slingerland <rslingerland@tarrytowngov.com>,
	Alissa Fasman <afasman@tarrytowngov.com>

Sidewalk Improvements Coming

The State is investing in several sidewalk projects in the area...

* $3,878,789 to the Village of Sleepy Hollow for the installation and construction of sidewalks, curbs, ramps, and historic signage from the public visitor center to Devries Park.

* $3,859,742 to the Town of Greenburgh for pedestrian improvements including sidewalks, ramps, and crosswalks, along Old Army Road.

* $2,341,220 to the Town of Greenburgh for sidewalk construction on State Route 100A between Knollwood Shopping Center and Greenburgh Health Center.

* $1,472,000 to the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson to construct new sidewalk sections on Rosedale Avenue, add catch basins, and rehabilitate the staircase connecting Rosedale Avenue to Hamilton Avenue via Prescott Place.

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