100C / 9A Bridge: Further Refinements Needed

NYS DOT's October 2017 plan and Bike Tarrytown's feedback

Date: 3 Nov 2017
To: Oscar Olarte <Oscar.Olarte@dot.ny.gov>
Cc: Todd Westhuis <Todd.Westhuis@dot.ny.gov>, Mark Tiano <Mark.Tiano@dot.ny.gov>, Carl Fulgenzi <cfulgenzi@mtpleasantny.com>, Terrence Murphy <murphy@nysenate.gov>, Paul Feiner <pfeiner@greenburghny.com>, Garrett Duquesne <gduquesne@greenburghny.com>, Andrea Stewart-Cousins <scousins@nysenate.gov>, Thomas Abinanti <abinantit@assembly.state.ny.us>

Dear Oscar:

Thanks for your response and the updated drawings.

The side path and bike crossing are welcome additions. Thank you for working those in.

Add Yield Indicators

NYSDOT's standard crossing signs (ped/bike symbol with arrows) are good as warnings. The standard needs updating to use those in combination with a sign reminding people driving of their legal obligation to yield.

The best one in this genre for crosswalks is the R1-5 because it clearly states the requirement using icons instead of words. A simple, small yield sign is another way to go.

Please add such signs to this project, as well as Yield Lines on the roadway ahead of the bike/ped crossings.

Add Crosswalk to Circle's East Side

The crossing on the eastern side of the roundabout is slated for people cycling. It should accommodate people walking too. That would include detectable warning strips on the curb ramps and refuge island, etc. This is necessary because crossing here is simpler and safer than at Clearbrook Rd.

Reduce Design Speeds

While the design speed for vehicles circling in the roundabout is 20-25 MPH, there are two entrance/exit pairs that allow people to drive too fast for safe interaction with people walking and cycling.

Most dangerous is the nearly straight alignment from Old Saw Mill River Rd to 9A south. People could probably drive through here at 50 MPH.

The alignment from Route 100C to Old Saw Mill River Rd is too permissive as well.

Plan for Refuge

The design has a 2-lane approach to the roundabout from Old Saw Mill River Rd. Multi-lane crossings are dangerous, particularly for the visually impaired. This is exacerbated by the excessive design speeds, discussed above.

Please ensure the geometry of the painted median between the two approach lanes is wide enough to eventually contain a built refuge for people walking and cycling once paths are added to Regeneron's property.

Complete Southern Sidewalk

The bridge's southern sidewalk ends at the western edge of the bridge. The sidewalk should continue to where a crosswalk should eventually be implemented across the southern splitter island. This capitalizes on the current design and construction process to produce a long term win.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please email or call.

Thank you,


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