Mayoral Misunderstanding of Route 9 Plan

Date: 13 Oct 2019
From: Daniel Convissor
To: Ken Wray
Cc: Denise Scaglione, Glenn Rosenbloom, John Leavy, Rachelle Gebler, Sam Gonzalez, Sandra Spiro, David Hodgson, Anthony Giaccio,
Subject: route 9 study in comp plan

Hi Ken:

Thanks for speaking with me yesterday about why the Route 9 Active Transportation study was removed from the Comp Plan's recommendations section.

You said the Route 9 study was "a moving target" because the drawings were changed to now show 2 lanes instead of 1 lane and that you weren't notified of the changes.

There seems to be some misunderstandings.

All of my drawings and all of the drawings by the consultant have consistently shown 1 through lane in each direction, plus turn lanes where helpful.

From what I have seen, there has been one change to the Sleepy Hollow part of the drawings from what was presented in November 2018. In April 2019, the consultant added a left turn lane from northbound Broadway to Pierson Ave. This was inadvertently left off of the consultant's initial drawings and traffic analysis. That mistake resulted in the intersection having a "failing" Level of Service.

Before/after copies of the drawings here are attached.

I didn't mention that correction to you or the Trustees because all of the drawings, discussions and writings I have made had a facility for this turning movement. While you and I looked at the drawings at Mercy College in November 2018, I think I made mention of consultant's error and that I'll get it fixed.

In various conversations, you've mentioned a goal of yours is having 1 lane on Route 9 in each direction. I agree that's the way to go, though I noticed the Comp Plan shows 2 lanes in each direction.

Please keep in mind, the Route 9 drawings are conceptual, put together by consultants on a tight budget. They outline one possible way to improve the safety and efficiency of transportation in the corridor.

A variety of refinements are needed during engineering. So signing on to advance the Route 9 plan isn't saying we have to do exactly what the drawings show.



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