October 6, 2019

Gas Stations in the Comprehensive Plan

Tanker truck blocking the sidewalk at the Mobil station, with a parent pushing a stroller into the street to get around it.

Sleepy Hollow has 5 gas stations along Broadway. Each endangers people walking past them.


A portable ramp for temporarily carrying people over a large hose (Credit: MGF)

The configuration of most (all?) gas stations in the Village results in gasoline tanker trucks blocking sidewalks during deliveries. (See photo, right.)

Examine alternatives at each station and fire code requirements to determine ways to ensure safe passage for people walking while tankers are dropping off.

If possible, it would be best for the trucks to remain in the street. Portable ramps can be placed where hoses cross sidewalks to maintain access for people using mobility aids. (See photo, left.) Ramps also exist for getting vehicles over hoses.

Sidewalk Barriers

Car blocking the sidewalk at the Mobil station by the entrance to the kindergarten, Middle and High Schools.

People drive all over the sidewalks at gas stations. Install curbs, barriers and/or bollards as needed to minimize the risk of mistakes.

Shut the Station at Depeyster

Depeyster St and Broadway are the main routes to John Paulding School, the Middle School and High School. Many people use Broadway's sidewalk to get to church, the park, the library and shopping. Walking past the Mobil station at this corner is an unnerving, dangerous experience. This facility should be replaced with a more compatible land use.

Draft Comprehensive Plan

Gas stations aren't mentioned in the current draft.

More Information

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