October 6, 2019

Tarrytown Train Access in the Comprehensive Plan

The Comp Plan has a good recommendation to work with Tarrytown to improve walking conditions to/from the train station. This coordination should include cycling.

The document just talks about River St. It needs to include Cortlandt St (in both Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow), Wildey St, Valley St and Beekman Ave.

The Recommendations bullet point should specify aesthetics and accessability for the disabled, not just "safety." Here's why:

The sidewalks on several parts of these streets are desolate and ugly due to parking lots and the fronts of buildings being garages or residential. For walking to really take hold, it must be useful, safe, comfortable and interesting.

Many sidewalks in the area don't meet requirements of the Americans with Disability Act. Cane detectable curb ramps needed at each corner and sidewalk cross slopes can not exceed 2%. For example, at the Smith-White Senior Residence (124 Valley St) the cross slope is 4% on the "flat" part and over 16% at one of the driveway crossings.

Zoning must require buildings on these routes to:

The Villages need to actively work to fix sidewalks and convert these properties.

Significant traffic calming is needed on River St, Cortlandt St, Valley St and Beekman Ave. The first step in this process is implementing the Walkability Workshop's Recommendations, which the Village has let languish.

Photographic Examples

Cortlandt St in Tarrytown: H Bridge dead zone (left) & shopping center parking crater (right)

Cortlandt St, north of Wildey St: blank facade of 85 Cortlandt St (left), parking crater for 100 College Ave (right)

Valley St, north of Wildey St: garage makes 124 Valley St a street life sucking black hole. Sidewalk there is narrow and has slopes that violate disability laws.

Valley St, north of Wildey St: parking crater for 100 College Ave

Valley St, north of College Ave: 143, 147 (left) & 144 (right) have blank & setback fronts. Also, sidewalk adjacent parking is dangerous.

Draft Comprehensive Plan

C-1c: Coordinate with Tarrytown to improve pedestrian safety to the Tarrytown Metro-North station.

Improved pedestrian safety on streets that connect Sleepy Hollow neighborhoods to the Tarrytown Metro-North Station requires coordination with Tarrytown.

Actions could include streetscape improvements along River Street to enhance the pedestrian experience and link to potential access improvements to the station being contemplated by Tarrytown.

More Information

Read everything we've got on the Comprehensive Plan.

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