Sleepy Hollow Comprehensive Plan: Thoughts, Part 3

6 Oct 2018

Tremendous Support for Safe Cycling and Walking

Requests residents wrote on a poster board. Lots of requests for better walking and biking infrastructure.

Many residents requested better biking and walking infrastructure while at the 10/2/18 Comprehensive Plan meeting.

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Preliminary reccomendations from the consultants for Sleepy Hollow's Comprehensive Plan

Preliminary recommendations from the consultants for Sleepy Hollow's Comprehensive Plan. Shown at the 10/2/18 public input session.

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We are heartened to see the consistent, overwhelming support residents have shown for walking and biking during Sleepy Hollow's Comprehensive Plan process. The picture on the left contains the comments people made during the Village's October 2, 2018 meeting.

On the right is a photo of the preliminary ideas the consultants put together for that meeting. Attendees then posted comments and votes about those ideas. (Green dots indicate support, red dots opposition.) The "Connectivity" section is on the right half of the board.

It's exciting to see the plan contains several big projects we've been working on. There are things that need improvement, though. We'll cover those here and some additional ideas we've had.

Implement the WHOLE Route 9 Study

Rendering of what the Broadway bike lane can look like. See the video this rendering is from.

Months of no parking on Broadway due to construction shows how flexible people are when it comes to parking.

To get the biggest return on our investment (let alone best help our merchants, environment, health and safety), we need to build a protected bike lane and sidewalk along the entire corridor. Doing so will mean anyone can safely cycle and walk to Peabody Field, the Manors, the Inner Village, Sleepy Hollow High School, Middle School, the farmers market and church.

Right now, everyone is forced to either drive or risk their lives riding. We can, and must, give our residents real transportation choices.

The vague language in the proposal stems from several Village officials being wary of converting barely used parking spaces1 (on the east side of Broadway next to the High School) to a higher use. (See rendering on left.)

Months of Con Ed construction (see photo on left) has eliminated parking on these blocks for 12 hours per day, showing how flexible people are when it comes to parking.

Construction Zones

Safe bypass for walking and cycling around a construction zone

Safe bypass for walking and cycling around a construction zone

Adjust Village Code and/or Building Department procedures as necessary to ensure people walking and cycling are provided safe bypasses when construction must close walking or cycling facilities. See photo on right.

Thumbs Down for Continental St Car Bridge

Building a motor vehicle bridge between the East Parcel and Edge on Hudson will result in more driving, more danger, more noise, more pollution. Thus despoiling the East Parcel park, Edge on Hudson and the Village as a whole. The downsides far outweigh any benefits.

Sidewalks Everywhre

The Comp Plan's preliminary text says "install/improve sidewalks within a quarter-mile of schools and parks." While that's a good start, we need a long term plan to install sidewalks everywhere.

Sleepy Hollow Manor can be exempted if significant traffic calming and filtered permiability are installed on the streets.

Feedback on Parking Strategies

Good ideas in the preliminary plan:

Problematic ideas in the preliminary plan:

Need more information:

Properly Pricing Parking

We are surprised pricing strategies weren't listed in the preliminary plan. They're the simplest, most effective way to manage demand. Some basic concepts:

Dell St - Tappan Ave Connection

Map indicating need to connect Dell St & Tappan Ave

Dell St is so close to Douglas Park, and the Webber Park neighborhood. But Dell St residents are isolated because there's no direct way between them. And the circuitous walking route that does exist lacks sidewalks. Stairs should be built between Dell St and Tappan Ave.

This connection can also serve as a link in the Headless Horseman Trail.

Andre Brook Trail

Map showing the Andre Brook Trail and some improvements needed.

The Andre Brook Trail starts at the corner of Bedford Rd (Route 448) and the High School's parking lot. It leads to Wilson Park Dr and the Tarrytown Lakes Trail.

But few people know it exists. The entry point needs a sign. The hole in the fence needs to be formalized into an official, welcoming opening.

  1. Rt 9 Parking Supply and Occupancy found 0 cars parked on the east side of Broadway during peak shopping hours.

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