April 12, 2021 Update

Zoning / Development Info Session

When a new building replaces an old one, what gets built really matters. For generations to come, that structure can make the street feel lively and interesting, or turn it into a dead zone. Similarly, the building can entice its residents and/or customers to walk, bike and take transit, or it will encourage them to drive.

Our current zoning law forces construction that does the wrong thing in those two cases. This is gradually destroying our dynamic downtowns.

Jared Rodriguez, Sleepy Hollow's newly elected (and amazing) Trustee, is hosting an info session on ways to turn this around. He'll cover the benefits of incremental development and form based zoning laws. The public is invited to attend this joint meeting of Sleepy Hollow's Trustees, Planning Board, Zoning Board.

Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 7 pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 95985929254
Passcode: 838514

New Difficulties for Downtown Kids Getting to WI

Two changes have combined to create a new problem for kids heading to Washington Irving School.

As mentioned a few months ago, the State added vehicle sensors to the traffic signal at the Central Ave / Washington St intersection, but didn't add a way for people walking on Washington to get a green light. *

Now that most kids are back in school full time and bus capacity is limited by COVID distancing, kids in southern Sleepy Hollow and northern Tarrytown now have to make their own way to WI. This generally means walking along Washington St.

We wrote to Tarrytown officials requesting crossing guards for Washington at Central and suggested one at Main St too. Waiting to hear back.

Want to be part of the solution? Get in touch. Perhaps as part of a "walking school bus" along Washington St or as a volunteer crossing guard along Washington St at Central or Main?

* https://twitter.com/BikeTarrytown/status/1335248683198275585

Ride Together

Want to ride with folks in the Tarrytown area? When you're thinking of going for a ride, check out this new Facebook group. Post your plan or see if someone else is feeling the same itch.


More Neighbors = More Fun


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