March 2, 2022 Update: What's Up on the Waterfront

Photo of a riverfront park with construction fences around it.

New Edition

Here's the next in our series of updates. This one focuses on the waterfront area (Edge-on-Hudson, Continental St bridge boondoggle, etc).

If you missed our last update (regarding Broadway for Everybody), it's available on our website:

Biking on the Edge

Sleepy Hollow's Planning Board is interested in improving cycling conditions in the Edge-on-Hudson development. The Village's Building Department head reached out to our Director for advice.

Those suggestions have been incorporated into our new web page about waterfront transportation, discussed in the next article...

Waterfront Commute Route

Loads of people have moved into the various waterfront developments in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, and many more people are coming. Making walking, cycling, scooting, et al an attractive way to travel for our new residents is key to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life, environment and meeting climate emissions goals.

We produced a series of conceptual drawings on how to make this a reality:

The system even opens up a quick way for Manor residents to get to the Tarrytown train station, concerts at Pierson Park, etc.

Edge-on-Hudson Details

The river front park along the southern side of the property is nearly complete. Building construction is moving rapidly. Several town homes have residents now. Sadly, there are several design decisions that degrade the experience of people walking or using mobility aids:

In case you didn't know, the path connecting Beekman Ave to RiverWalk is open. Than happened around June.

It Pays to Speak Up

Thank you, Edge-on-Hudson, for responding to our request to get this gate out of the way of the sidewalk on River St. Remember, folks... If you see something, say something.

Bridge to the Past

Sleepy Hollow's Local Development Corporation gave an update to the Village's Trustees during the 11/16/21 work session ( They covered how things are going on the East Parcel / Commons / new DPW facility.

The team mentioned they're working on how to lay out the streets and will bring the proposal to the Planning Board. We hope they remember this is a park, which kids should be able to access without being driven there by parents. Each access point needs safe, separated paths for people walking, people rolling (bikes/wheelchairs/skates/etc) and (where permitted) people driving. We hope the Planning Board ensures that's the case.

Also discussed was the likely expense of building a motor vehicle bridge over the railroad tracks:

$15 MILLION!!!

That's a huge pile of money to burn on old school transportation policies. A motor vehicle bridge here would induce more driving, inject danger into the middle of our brand new park, devastate the Continental Street neighborhood, deteriorate the quality of life on the streets of Edge-on-Hudson and exacerbate climate change.

Mayor Wray, et al, will try to excuse it by saying, "grants will pay for most of it." (Uhh, the grant money comes from the taxes we pay.) More importantly, imagine some amazing, forward looking things we could build instead with those millions of dollars in grants.

Bridge to the Future

Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, on the other hand, is looking forward. She opened the Prince Claus Bridge, a magnificent draw bridge that makes life easier for people walking, cycling, etc. Take a peek:

Village Soon to Get First EOH Streets

Eventually all streets in the Edge-on-Hudson development will be "dedicated" to the Village of Sleepy Hollow. The first ones will likely be transferred this spring: Legend Dr, Maxwell Dr, Horseman Blvd.

The parking regulations and speed limits for such were touched on during the 2/1/22 work session of Sleepy Hollow's Board of Trustees. Once there's enough activity in the new neighborhood to warrant paying for someone to collect parking revenue, muni-meters and a phone app will eventually be used to pay for on-street car storage. Until then, there will be a 2 hour time limit.

Here are the details:

If you want to watch the discussion, go to this video's 54 minute mark:


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