February 16, 2023 Update

Collage of two photos of the same spot on a wide road. Left side photo (before) has double wide storm drain grates with bars that can catch bicycle wheels. Right side photo (after) has the storm drain grates replaced with ones that are safe for cycling over.

Please Contribute Today

We are cranking on lobbying materials and strategy to make sure the State DOT makes GREAT plans for Route 9. But tight finances could pull our Director off task. Please contribute today.


Safety Victory

Ten dangerous storm drain grates are gone from Broadway by the Tappan Zee Bridge. In response to our lobbying (for three years!), the State DOT replaced the grates while resurfacing Route 9.

While that happened over the summer, we finally had a moment to take the pictures, above.

Influencing Coverage

News 12 used our input regarding the "3 foot passing" legislation that's been reintroduced in the State Senate. Three feet is not enough. NY should require people driving change lanes when passing people cycling. Just like the laws in Delaware, Kentucky and Nevada.


So Fun

Thank you to everyone who helped organize and ride our first ever Holiday Lights Ride. We had 38 people on 28 cycles come together for the festivities. Here's a short video of it:


Church St Bridge Fixed

Many thanks to the Village of Tarrytown for getting this helpful walking/cycling link fixed quickly.

Safer Speed Limit in Tarrytown

We are happy to report that Tarrytown lowered their village wide speed limit to 25 mph. Slower is safer for everybody, particularly people outside of cars.

Money for RiverWalk, Ossining Road Diet

Senator Schumer and (now former) Congressmember Jones secured $2.8m for to advance building RiverWalk under the Tappan Zee Bridge in Tarrytown.

They also brought home $4m to make Route 9 safer in Ossining.


Hudson River Bridge Updates


The George Washington Bridge's cycling / walking path is now on the north side of the bridge. The Port Authority reconstructed the approaches so it has wide ramps. The new Manhattan entrance is on Cabrini Blvd at West 180th St.


Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

The path on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is now open 24/7. Let's leverage that momentum to get 24/7 access to all of the Hudson River bridges.


Dunn Memorial Bridge

The path is closed on this crucial active transportation link between Rensselaer (where the Amtrak station is) and Albany.


More Info on Rivertown Bike Share

We've mentioned the Project MOVER project before. Here's an article that digs in on the topic. Aside from saying Ossining is "upstate," it's quite good.


Let Tony be a Legacy

Our colleagues at Livable Tarrytowns wrote a poignent piece about Tony Napoli and how Villages should move foward on safety.


Parking Mandates Harm Communities

This fantastic new video uses Fayetteville, AR as the example of how "this business would not exist if [there were] parking minimums," and goes in to other problems with these costly laws.


Simple Details for Building Safe Roads

This 7 minute video shows how Route 9 can be made safe and easy to use.


The History (and Future?) of Public Input

With the Route 9 Active Transportation Project moving forward and Tarrytown considering accessory dwelling units, now is a good time to understand the public participation process.

"[At public hearings]... I don't hear reasonable people disagreeing about the best way to meet a common goal. I hear people who are misinformed, prideful... engaging in angry, bullying tactics to convince politicians that, because they are angry & loud, they must be right."

"Children [are] often more insightful than adults. Kids are less about what they listen to with politics and identity and stuff. They're more, like, 'My dad and I do this on the weekends, or I wish we could do that, but I don't feel safe doing it.'"


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