November 17, 2023 Update

Photo of Luis Zhizhpon, standing in a park, wearing a white dress shirt and grey slacks.

11/19 Vigil for World Day of Remembrance

This Sunday is the World Day of Remembrance, commemorating people killed by traffic crashes. Join us for a vigil and the reinstallation of Luis Zhizhpon's ghost bike.

2:00 pm
Sunday, November 19
Millard Ave at Broadway
Sleepy Hollow

Survey Deadline Extended

Due to popular demand, Livable Tarrytowns' has extended the deadline for reporting dangerous walking conditions in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. Now you have until December 15 to do it.

Plan for the Traffic You Want

You probably saw the traffic counting devices along Broadway put out for the State DOT's Route 9 Complete Streets study.

Please be aware, traffic counts are a trap.

The standard practice in the USA is to look at current motor vehicle counts and think that number (or even more) must be accommodated in the future. It is possible the State DOT will use these numbers as an excuse to say it is "impossible" to change some parts of Broadway.

In reality, daily travel choices are highly flexible. People make minute to minute decisions about how and when to go places -- based upon modes available, safety, cost, time, weather, traffic, disruptions, parking, etc.

Presently, so many people drive because we have created abundant roads and parking for use at no (or little) charge, while providing scant facilities for walking, cycling, using wheelchairs, and riding the bus.

In short...

Plan for the traffic you want, not the traffic you have.

We conveyed this message to all of the elected officials in the 5 villages. Take a moment to elevate the message by sending them an email too: | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn