January 4, 2024 Update

Sleepy Hollow Climate Plan Kickoff Meeting

Come join the Village of Sleepy Hollow Climate Action Plan team to learn about the causes of climate change, how it is impacting our village, and what we can do together to identify solutions.

Light refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Senior Center
55 Elm St
Sleepy Hollow

Broadway is Dangerous by Design

Broadway has claimed the lives of two people walking. This happened because the State Department of Transportation configured the street to allow people to drive quickly, rather than safely.

Nelida Distante was crossing Broadway on the north side of McKeel on November 27, when two people drove into her. For years, we have notified Tarrytown officials about how dangerous this intersection is.

Not even a month later, as Patrick Kennedy was crossing Broadway at Route 119, he was run over by someone driving on December 26.

Advocates, the Village of Tarrytown and the State DOT are discussing how to improve safety at the McKeel intersection. The main problem is when someone driving stops for someone walking across Broadway, other people driving can pass on the right and endanger the person walking.

Aerial image of an intersection, with a median refuge drawn on it.

Diagram of how to make the Broadway / McKeel Ave intersection much safer. Click for higher resolution.

Our suggested solution is building a median refuge. (See diagram at right.) Not only does this prevent passing on the right, it prevents passing on the left. The lateral shift in the road makes people driving slow down. People walking across get to negotiate one lane of cars at a time, instead of four. All four side street sidewalks get crosswalks. It provides a pocket where people turning left onto McKeel can wait for oncoming traffic without backing up traffic behind them. Similarly, the turning pocket simplifies turning left from McKeel to Broadway. Left turns to or from Dixon would be eliminated for visibility/safety and flow reasons.

More broadly, work toward making a Broadway for Everybody in Hastings through Sleepy Hollow is happening via a State DOT led study, which we'll write more about later.

Here are some news articles about the crashes:


(Note, the print edition of the following piece mistakenly wrote that our Director said people walking need to yield to people driving.) https://riverjournalonline.com/communities/tarrytown/pedestrian-fatality-increases-urgency-to-make-route-9-safer/91809/


Safe Routes to School $

The Villages of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, along with the school district, submitted a joint application to study where and how to improve street safety. The coalition was awarded $340,000 to make that happen. Keep a lookout for more information when the project moves forward. https://www.sleepyhollowny.gov/home/news/grant-for-safer-streets

Rockland Riverway Trail?

Want to see this neat idea come to fruition? Learn more about it and provide feedback at https://rockland-county-sup.com

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