Make Broadway Better in Sleepy Hollow's Comprehensive Plan

20 Oct 2018

Implement the WHOLE Route 9 Study

The preliminary Comp Plan language hedges on making all of Broadway safe and usable by everybody. It says "as appropriate, implement recommendations of the Route 9 Active Transportation Conceptual Design Plan." (The final report will be released soon. Until then, see Sleepy Hollow Steering Committee's Recommendations for the plan.)

Bike to School Lane for Sleepy Hollow

To get the biggest return on our investment (let alone best help our merchants, environment, health and safety), we need to build a protected bike lane and sidewalk along the entire corridor. Doing so will mean anyone can safely cycle and walk to Peabody Field, the Manors, the Inner Village, Sleepy Hollow High School, Middle School, the farmers market and church.

Right now, everyone is forced to either drive or risk their lives riding. We can, and must, give our residents real transportation choices.

The vague language in the proposal stems from several Village officials being wary of converting barely used parking spaces1 (on the east side of Broadway next to the High School) to a higher use. (See video on left.)

Months of Con Ed construction (see photo on left) has eliminated parking on these blocks. Sometimes the whole day. Sometimes the whole night. Everybody figured out how to deal with it. This proves how flexible people are when it comes to parking.

Months of no parking on Broadway due to construction shows how flexible people are when it comes to parking.

Give a moment now so everyone can bike on Broadway

We can solidify the Comp Plan's wording by sending an email now. Key points:

Here's who to write:

    Ken Wray <>,
    Denise Scaglione <>,
    Glenn Rosenbloom <>,
    John Leavy <>,
    Rachelle Gebler <>,
    Sam Gonzalez <>,
    Sandra Spiro <>,
    Anthony Giaccio <>,
    Sleepy Hollow Comprehensive Plan <>,
    Bike Tarrytown <>,
    Route 9 Steering Committee <>


Since Route 9 is a US highway, managed by NY State, Sleepy Hollow can't do anything to Broadway. BUT, when the State Department of Transportation is working on a given road, they follow what local Comprehensive Plans say should be done with that road.

More Comp Plan information is on our Sleepy Hollow Comprehensive Plan Home Page.

  1. Rt 9 Parking Supply and Occupancy found 0 cars parked on the east side of Broadway during peak shopping hours. | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn