October 6, 2019

Bicycle Desire Lines in the Comprehensive Plan

Our Take

The "Bicycle Desire Lines" map in the drafts of the Comprehensive Plan bear little relationship to where people presently cycle in the community. Nor does it account for places people want to ride to but don't because current conditions are too dangerous.

In order to provide informed, helpful feedback, we asked the consultants and Village how this map was produced. Despite multiple requests from February to now, no information has been provided.

Regional Bicyclists

Cycling Heat Map by Strava (click for high resolution)

On the right is a "Heat Map" of GPS data showing where hard core recreational cyclists ride in Sleepy Hollow. Be aware, this just shows people using the Strava app, a generally affluent group.

The most heavily used routes are missing from the Desire Lines map: the High School driveway, Webber Ave, Sleepy Hollow Rd, Route 117, all of Broadway, and all of Bedford Rd.

Lighter used connections missing from the Desire Lines include: Hunter Ave, Munroe Ave, Palmer Ave, Devries Ave, the northern section of Gordon Ave, Rice Ave, New Broadway, Pine St.*

The following routes should be dropped from the Desire Lines map because they're not on the Heat Map: Pocantico St, Valley St, Cortlandt St, Old Broadway, Kelbourne Ave.

* Regarding Pine St, it is frequently used by regional riders to get from New Broadway to Bedford Rd. It's more direct, less steep and has much lower traffic volumes. This is also an important connection for locals heading to the Aqueduct. Village Code should be updated to allow the installation of "except bicycles" signs below the "do not enter signs."

Local Bicyclists

The Desire Lines map for "local bicyclists" lacks many key routes.

The most glaring omission is Broadway. It is the most desired route for cycling because it connects the community. Residents ride Route 9 every day to get to the Warner Library, C-Town, CVS, Peabody Field, the schools, etc. Many more people want to ride, but don't because they're too scared to bike on Broadway. Which is why we need to build the whole Route 9 Active Transportation Plan.

Draft Comprehensive Plan

Below is the Desire Lines map in the 4/29/19 draft of the plan.

Bicycle Desire Lines map in the 4/29/19 draft of the Comprehensive Plan (click for high resolution)

More Information

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