September 23, 2018 Update

Sleepy Hollow Comprehensive Plan

Tuesday, October 2, 7:00 pm
Senior Center, 55 Elm St

Online Survey:


Comprehensive Plans, in large part, are popularity contests. Your participation is important.

In the spirit of "many hands make light work," here are some crucial "heavy lifts" that will significantly elevate the quality of life and business climate in our village.

1) Broadway needs a bike lane along the High School. As shown in this 50 second video:

2) Broadway, in general, needs to be usable by everybody. Sidewalks along the whole length, a protected bike lane, make the intersections safe.

3) Reopen the Aqueduct between 448 and the High School. Eight people have stolen this public property, forcing everyone to use the High School parking lot instead. Parking lots are dangerous places.

4) Complete our sidewalk network

5) Safe walking and cycling access to all our parks from all directions

6) Traffic calm all our streets

7) Complete RiverWalk

New York Bike Summit

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