November 25, 2018 Update

Fun First

Let's get together at Bridgeview Tavern. Which nights work for you?

Full Time Work = Results

A LOT of things have come together since our last newsletter in July.

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* BEEKMAN / POCANTICO: A 2-week traffic safety demonstration project is in place by Morse School.

* ROUTE 9 STUDY: The final report is out and our deep work paid off. The Sleepy Hollow portion includes the strong safety measures we proposed.
+ Plan:
+ Moving Forward:

* ROUTE 9 TALK: We'll be speaking about this at a public series hosted by the League of Women Voters. Tuesday, 11/27, 8:30 - 10 am @ Jazz Forum, 1 Dixon Pl, Tarrytown.

* RESPONDING TO FUD: We're highlighting how ideas like "parking protects pedestrians" and "scofflaw cyclists" don't hold up as excuses to dismiss the Route 9 plan.

* RULES FOR RULERS: Mayors Wray and Fixell have cited Jeff Speck to oppose bike lanes. Jeff's thinking has evolved, realizing walking and cycling are complementary. His new book, "Walkable City Rules," even includes a bike lane on the cover, so we got copies of it for each Mayor.

* BUS DIVERSION SIGNS: We didn't want residents/employees to be "ghosted" when Bee Line buses doesn't show up during Halloween festivities. So we planned, composed & posted 20 service change notices. The County has agreed to help improve operations in the future.

* FIRST MEETING: Getting together was great. We want to have monthly meetings. Let us know, in theory, when's best for you:

* TRUSTEE MEETINGS: During that first meeting, many people expressed wanting to show up at Village Trustee meetings and express support for the Route 9 Active Transportation plan. Sign up to execute this brilliant idea.
+ Sleepy Hollow:
+ Tarrytown:

* AFFINITY FELLOWS: We're honored and excited to be chosen for the Shames JCC's new Affinity Fellows program. It's a series of training and collaboration sessions to help build community in the Rivertowns.


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Related News

* COUNTY TRAILWAY REPAIRS: Westchester County recently approved funds to fix dilapidated conditions on the North and South County Trailways.

* TARRYTOWN BUS MIXED BAG: The Village helped residents and businesses by letting Bee Line buses use Franklin St during the Halloween Parade. But Tappan Zee Express riders were left hanging because their buses were not.

* TARRYTOWN ENFORCEMENT: TT Police issued 60 summonses to people driving who didn't yield to people crossing the street. Even better, Chief Barbelet is aiming to beat White Plains' 323!

* MILLER PARK TRAFFIC CALMING: It's nice to see Tarrytown contemplating ways to reduce rat running through traffic in the Miller Park neighborhood. The current concept of 7 speed humps is underwhelming.
+ Gateway intersection strategies:
+ Limiting through traffic:
+ Or at least better bumps:
+ Agenda (pages 10 & 26):

* SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY: Tarrytown continues creating more cars. This time by removing 8 parking spaces on Broadway by Main St so people driving straight can speed past those turning left. See pages 9 & 20 in the Work Session agenda (same PDF as the Miller Park item, above).

* FIXELL's FOLLIES: In conversations a while back, Mayor Fixell told Bike Tarrytown he wouldn't oppose the Tappan Zee Bridge's cycling / walking path being open 24/7. Well, that changed during a recent radio interview. His "answer" is using the bus, but they don't run overnight.

* FREE HOLIDAY PARKING?: Giving the gift of free parking lets residents and employees park in spaces all day. The result is those spots aren't available for customers.


* ON THE MEDIA: This show always delivers excellent cultural analysis. The current episode offers insights about transportation equity, enforcement, racism, car culture and autonomous vehicles.


"PEOPLE RIDE BIKES IN THE SUBURBS in the Netherlands not because of a love affair for bikes, but because by design, cycling is equally or more convenient than driving for local trips. The measures taken by the Dutch to advantage cycling are not complex or complicated, and could be applied just about anywhere, including North America."

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