December 6, 2018 Update

Holiday Gathering

Join us for a casual get together over drinks to close out the year.

A free beer for those who arrive via cycling or walking.

Thursday, December 13
Bridgeview Tavern
226 Beekman Ave, Sleepy Hollow

Route 9 Study Article & Parking

The new issue of the Hudson Independent has an article about the Route 9 study's Final Report. Just so you know, it contains errors regarding parking (and some other things).

Here are the parking facts. The Route 9 study's Steering Committee came up with a compromise plan. Their initial proposal discontinued the lane from Main St to Wildey St to avoid touching parking in Tarrytown's commercial core.

This compromise would have gotten residents and visitors from the south side of the Village to Main St by converting 51 parking spaces on the east side of Broadway to a higher use as a 2-way protected bike lane.

While that SOUNDS like a big number, most of these spaces are barely used. Only 10 to 15 of the spots had cars in them during the 2 peak period counts the study performed.

BUT, that's not what made it into the Final Report. Tarrytown cut the bike lanes between Benedict Ave and Patriots Park's driveway, so no parking is touched in Tarrytown at all.

That's because Tarrytown devises transportation policy by looking in the rear view mirror. Catering to cars without consideration of costs.

We must build villages that look forward, with true leadership, creating more prosperous, safer places that offer everyone equal access.

Next Steps

So, we got the Hudson Independent to improve the parking info in the online version:

We'll be writing a letter to the editor to clarify the parking and other misunderstandings in the article.

If you have thoughts about the piece or say something about cycling in general, here's where to send letters to the editor:

For those who haven't written your elected officials yet, it's still important to do so...


Sleepy Hollow:

The Data

OK. Approaching the Too Much Information zone here. But if you want to fully understand the cycling / parking trade off, here's the parking data.

    Sp = spaces available
    Wkdy = use on a weekday evening (Wed 7/19/17 5 - 9 pm)
    Wknd = use on a weekend afternoon (Sat 7/22/17 11:30 am - 3:30 pm)

Steering Committe's Proposal
    Sleepy Hollow
        Sp  Wkdy  Wknd
        23     0     0  Beekman Ave - Depeyster St
        Sp  Wkdy  Wknd
         5     4     3  Patriots Park Driveway - Wildey St
        14     5    11  Main St - Elizabeth St
        23     1     1  Elizabeth St - Franklin St [derp meant Benedict!]

Now, if the bike lane is completed between Main St and Wildey St, as we know it should be, then the additional parking changes would be:

        Sp  Wkdy  Wknd
        28    16    13  Wildey St - Main St

That would bring the total on-street parking spaces touched to 93. Of which only ~30% were being used during the parking counts. | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn