March 15, 2019 Update

Save Cycling in Tarrytown

A crucial public hearing is taking place on Monday.

Tarrytown wants to ban cycling and skating on a BUNCH of sidewalks in, and leading to, downtown.

11 year olds would be forced to bike in traffic on Route 9. Adults accompanying children cycling would have to cycle separately in the street.

Plus they're messing up riding on the road too. The proposal prohibits cyclists and skaters from inhibiting traffic in any way.

The whole proposal is a misguided mess and must be scrapped.

Full information:

Show Up or Shut Up:

Monday, March 18
8:00 pm
Tarrytown Village Hall
1 Depot Pz

Amazing Turnout

Over 20 adults and 10 children came to Sleepy Hollow's Board of Trustees meeting on March 12 in support of safer cycling and walking in the village.

Inspiring, emotional testimony was offered over 35 minutes by 17 people, including 2 kids. Watch it here:

If you didn't make it, don't worry. Public hearings regarding the Comprehensive Plan are coming up soon.

River Journal and Reality Check

We wrote an op-ed for the River Journal on how local policies force people to drive, and some steps to change it.

The publisher gave Mayor Wray of Sleepy Hollow and Mayor Fixell of Tarrytown the opportunity to write a response. Beside missing the broader policy concerns we raised, their piece is full of holes.

Our take down, forthwith:

Hudson Independent

Also in print this month is our letter to the editor of the Hudson Independent.

Better Beekman Ave

Sleepy Hollow is going to rebuild Beekman Ave's sidewalks from Broadway to Cortlandt St. We offered the following recommendations:

The Village held a (poorly publicized) public information session on March 5th about the project. Bike Tarrytown helped boost turnout a bit. About 10 residents were present and 7 offered excellent comments and questions:

Video of the consultant's presentation is here:

Pocantico Traffic Safety Moving Forward

Our Director, in his role on the Environmental Advisory Committee, along with the EAC's Co-Chair, Claire Davis, gave a presentation to Sleepy Hollow's Board of Trustees on March 5.

They laid out the results of the traffic safety demonstration project at Beekman Ave and Pocantico St. In short, it went well and the public survey found overwhelming support for making the changes permanent.

The Board said they want to move forward with these improvements. They said the northern corners should be built with concrete by incorporating it into the Beekman Ave Improvements, above. And the changes on the south side of the street will be implemented using flexible posts until the Village figures out whether or not to install a left turn lane from Beekman to Pocantico.

Here's the video of this presentation:

Video: Ebikes Ease Hilly Terrain

"Ebikes really changed my perception on what is possible to bike to. It makes going up hills almost effortless.

They have this potential to get people who wouldn't normally bike, who aren't athletes, on bikes. I think that will lead to a happier, healthier community."

We produced this short, inspirational video in hopes of moving our State legislators toward legalizing pedal-assisted ebikes.

Check it out:

3/31 = Monthly Meeting

Sunday, March 31 is our next monthly meeting.

Refreshments will be served. A baby sitter will be on hand to entertain the kids.

1:30 - 3:30 pm Warner Library, Room B (upstairs) 121 N Broadway, Tarrytown

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