July 23, 2019 Update

Beautiful Bike Planning Video

Stop what you're doing. Watch this 13 minute video, now. https://vimeo.com/344373585

Every day, Utrecht is reconstructing their streets to build a better economy, quality of life, environment and climate. They're converting car space to transit, walking, cycling and greenery. Creating cycle parking garages for thousands upon thousands of bikes is also underway.

We composed at tweet thread with photos and pull quotes summarizing the key points. Everyone can view it: https://twitter.com/BikeTarrytown/status/1153479432058920961

The two best quotes are:

"It gives our children the freedom to go their sports, to go to their friends all by their own. From a young age on, you can go about where you like, without the help of your parents." --Lot van Hooijdonk, Vice Mayor, Utrecht

"I hear a lot about the American cities, and they would tell me 'We don't have space for bicycles.' Well, here you can see you can have a really good system, and still have space for cyclists, and space for pedestrians and have space for cars." --Saskia Kluit, CEO, Fietserbond

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