June 23, 2019 Update

6/27 = Fun Ride to Pierson Park Concert

This first article of this newsletter is all about firsts. Celebrate the first day of Summer vacation by joining us on our first ever fun ride to this year's first free concert in Pierson Park!

Thursday, 6/27 Meet at 6:00 pm Morse School, on the steps to the main doors.

(concert starts at 6:30)

Folks from the Manors can bike directly to the concert via the temporary RiverWalk through Edge-on-Hudson. Make an impromptu group ride by coordinating with your neighbors. Map of the area: https://biketarrytown.org/img/riverwalk-eoh-temporary.png

Sleepy Hollow Comprehensive Plan

The Board of Trustees held 4 public hearings to obtain feedback on drafts of the Comp Plan. Several people requested further improvements for people walking and cycling.

We spoke three times and produced a series of web pages to explain key parts of the plan and what needs to be refined.


Please read it through. If there's stuff you agree with, please chime in (email addresses are at the bottom of that page). The more times the Board hears something, the more likely it'll be in the plan.

Sleepy Hollow Traffic Safety

The Trustees discussed adding speed humps along the western end of Beekman Ave (in response to the crash there on 5/2) as well as Old Broadway and Devries Ave during their Work Session on June 4. Video: https://vimeo.com/340333940#t=33m58s

The discussion was mixed, so our Director testified at the June 11th Trustee Meeting about the need to take bold, swift action in response to the 3 kids who were injured by cars in a 6 month period. Video starts here: https://vimeo.com/341698757#t=1h31m47s Then a resident of Webber Park requested speed humps on New Broadway. At the 1:38:54 mark in the video, we come back to finish our testimony.

After testifying, Bike Tarrytown's Director sat back down next to the Police Chief. The Chief got oddly defensive and tried to make excuses about the crashes mentioned in our testimony.

At the next Trustee Work session on 6/18, the speed hump discussion continued. Video https://vimeo.com/343116710#t=35m20s

Reference was made to the traffic "mitigations" called for by the Environmental Impact Statement for the Edge-on-Hudson development. Those car flow easing measures are separate from the need to ensure safe driving speeds on Beekman Ave. Don't accept them as excuses to derail safety measures. Let alone, life and limb are more important than traffic flow.

Take the Bad with the Good

Route 9 Resolutions Pass

The Route 9 Active Transportation study's Steering Committee is working to advance the project. The next phase is detailed planning/engineering. That takes a bunch of money, so before getting there, the group has to line up grants. And to do that, the various Village Trustees need to express their support.

And that's happening! Resolutions have been approved by Tarrytown (6/17) and Hastings (6/18). Dobbs plans to pass theirs on 6/25. Now to get Sleepy Hollow and Irvington on board.

Tarrytown Slips Through Sidewalk Ban

On Monday, Tarrytown's Trustees passed the sidewalk cycling ban. This despite a large community contingent testifying about the proposal's problems and dangers. Plus 100 people signing petitions opposing the measure.

The bill was on the June 17, 2019 agenda as a public hearing. But after the last person testified, the Board of Trustees immediately voted to pass the law.

If we knew the vote was taking place that night, we would have testified differently and taken further measures.

Details are here: https://biketarrytown.org/tarrytown/save-cycling.php

Sadly, Tarrytown's officials don't understand cycling and, even sadder, ignored advice from professionals who do. While it's too late for people to get on this year's ballot for Mayor & 3 Trustees, we hope visionary villagers will organize themselves by February 2020. If you're curious about election time lines, see this web page.


Ebike Bill Awaits Governor

Cycling and social justice advocates are excited that an ebike bill passed New York's Legislature. But, as we mentioned in our prior email, the bill has serious flaws. It's not clear what the Governor will do.

T-shirts and Sweatshirts

You know our clothing is awesome. (If you don't know what we're talking about, see the attached photos.) If you want some, send us an email with the styles and sizes you want. They come in most sizes, and the Gildan items even have youth sizes.

* Mens style T-shirt: Gildan Ultra Cotton ($20)
* Womens style T-shirt: American Apparel Ladies Fine Jersey ($20)
* Sweatshirt: Gildan Heavy Blend ($40)

Quote of the Day

We're not doomed to have a city dominated by constant honking, pollution, and near misses with cars. We control our streets. And we know how to fix them. Now we just need the will to get it done.
--Corey Johnson, Speaker of the New York City Council

This IS Our Director's Day Job

When speaking with members of the community, our Director is frequently asked "Working on Bike Tarrytown is really cool. But, what's your day job?" He usually points to his Bike Tarrytown shirt and says "This."

Give today so Dan can keep moving the ball forward tomorrow. https://biketarrytown.org/donate.php

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