July 26, 2023 Update

Jazz Ride This Thursday

Join the group as we ride from Patriots Park to enjoy Jazz Forum's concert at Lyndhurst. Bring whatever you want to eat / drink / lounge on while chilling on Lyndhurst's lawn.

Thursday, July 27
Meet at 5:45 pm in Patriots Park's driveway by Washington St
Depart at 5:55

For more information on Jazz Forum's concert series, see their website: https://jazzforumarts.org/summer-concerts/. Also, weather cancellations are posted there by 2 pm.

Kingsland Comments

Saturday, 7/22, saw a strong turnout in Kingsland Point Park of people eager to tell Westchester County Executive George Latimer and Sleepy Hollow Mayor Martin Rutyna what they want to see the park be like. The importance (and the great weather) got about 80 people to attend.

Swimming access to the Hudson River was a frequent request.

We suggested an easy way to make it safe to walk, cycle and wheelchair to this amazing park. Have motor vehicles access the parking lot via Legend Dr in Edge on Hudson, then convert the existing driveway into the RiverWalk. The idea was well received. Here's how it works:


Tell the County what you want for Kingsland Point Park by sending an email to communications@westchestercountyny.gov

Morse is Staying Put

The Tarrytown school district has decided to keep Morse school where it is. This is good news for the environment, equity and the economy of Downtown Sleepy Hollow.

Photo of 'french' barriers across a park driveway.

Peace in Patriots Park

Parks are great places to relax and enjoy life. It had been hard to do that in Patriots Park because cars were allowed to drive through it. We are so glad to say that Tarrytown's Trustees have kicked cars out of Patriots. Portable metal barriers have been placed in the two driveway entrances. Now parents can let kids play without having to worry about them getting crushed.

There are exceptions for vendors setting up / taking down the farmers market on Saturdays, as well as church attendees who use the park as a parking lot on Sundays. We hope the Village's next step is taking into account that church parishioners can park their motor vehicles in the school parking lots across the street, just like farmers market attendees do.

Sometimes the barriers have been found in the open position or blocking the sidewalk. As we frequently say on social media: "If you see something, do something."

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