NYS DOT Bike Lane Snow Removal Policy Request

Winter cycling. It's no problem with good infrastructure & maintenance.

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Date: 22 Jun 2018
From: Daniel Convissor
To: Todd Westhuis [Chief of Staff, NYS DOT]
Subject: planning for snow removal for bike lanes

Dear Todd:

A policy update to ponder as the State moves toward having protected cycling infrastructure State managed roads.

When it comes to transportation, people ride all year long -- if safe, well maintained infrastructure exists: https://biketarrytown.org/img/ride-snow-bike-tarrytown-collage.png

Snow removal on protected bike lanes calls for special attention, and depending on configuration, special equipment. To maximize the use of healthy, safe, fun, environmentally friendly transportation, we hope the Department will create approaches to meet this goal.

It may involve a combination of direct operations by the Department and a reimbursement formula for local governments similar to the Indexed Lump Sum Municipal Snow and Ice Agreements (though with a higher rate due to the specialization required).

Here are some resources and inspiration:






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