TZB Needs Tarrytown Crosswalk (NYSDOT Reply)

On June 27, we received the following from NYSDOT in reply to our letter requesting a crosswalk where the Tappan Zee Bridge biking/walking path lands in Tarrytown.

(An image of this letter.)

June 22, 2018

Mr. Daniel Convissor
Director, Bike Tarrytown

Dear Mr. Convissor:

Thank you for your correspondence to New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Commissioner Paul Karas regarding safe pedestrian and cyclist access across Route 9 in the village of Tarrytown in Westchester County.

The solution to provide safe access across Route 9 in Tarrytown, connecting the Shard Use Path (SUP) on the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge with points eastward is an important design consideration that is still being carefully considered by the New NY Bridge team in close consultant [sic] with NYSDOT and the local municipalities.

We encourage your organization's, Bike Tarrytown, continued coordination with the New NY Bridge team, specifically Mr. George Paschalis and NYSDOT, specifically, Mr. Christopher Lee, on this important matter, as an acceptable solution is determined.

Thank you for your interest in transportation infrastructure.


Lance MacMillan, P.E.
Acting Regional Director

cc: Jim Ercolano, NYSDOT, Main Office
Thomas Benware, NYSDOT, Main Office
Todd Westhuis, Chief of Staff, NYSDOT , Main Office
Chris Lee, NYSDOT, Region 8
George Paschalis, New NY Bridge Team | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn