Sleepy Hollow Comprehensive Plan: Thoughts, Part 1

Requests residents wrote on a poster board. Lots of requests for better walking and biking infrastructure.

Many residents requested better biking and walking infrastructure while at the 5/29/18 Comprehensive Plan meeting.

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12 Jun 2018

Hi Lucia and Simon:

Nice meeting you both at the 5/31 meeting in Sleepy Hollow. Been composing this since then. There's more to say, but want to get this out the door before the next meeting.

Route 9

Here are the Route 9 study recommendations from Sleepy Hollow I mentioned:

The overall study's website is , though there's not much there. The consultant, Nelson\Nygaard, is working on the final plan view drawings.

The study did some leg work on parking utilization. I have raw numbers if you want. An info graphic about it is here:

Collage of people saying they're too scared to bike on Broadway. People who bike aren't a fixed number of constituents to be placated. We are an untapped resource to be cultivated.
Text: Plan for the traffic you want, not the traffic you have.  Daily travel choices are flexible.  Left photo: Potterstraat, Utrecht, 2022. Photo of the same street. From left to right... Can't really see the sidewalk, but there are a some folks on it. 14 people cycling toward us on a wide separated bike lane. 2 people walking toward us on a wide bus stop island. 3 buses driving on a 2 lane wide roadbed. Only a sliver of the right and bus stop island, bike lane and sidewalk are visible.  Right photo: Potterstraat, Utrecht, 1968. Photo of a downtown street. From left to right... 7 people are walking on the left sidewalk. 2 people are riding motor scooters in the separated bike lane. Many people standing on a narrow bus stop island. A 4 lane wide roadbed, filled with folks driving 20 cars and vans, plus one bus. A few people waiting on a narrow bus island. 5 people cycling in a separated bike lane. Can't see much of the sidewalk.

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[On the right] is a collage for some inspiration.


How to connect RiverWalk in Kingsland Point Park to the Old Croton Aqueduct:

Edge-on-Hudson Commute Routes

While RiverWalk on the waterfront is/will be a nice path, it's a meandering recreation facility where people walk. Cycling on it is slow and out of the way.

The Sleepy Hollow - Tarrytown Trails Committee (of which I'm a member) is working to design direct connections between Edge-on-Hudson and the two train stations. Scenic Hudson (which chairs the Trails Committee) is applying for a grant to figure out how to implement this.

River St was intentionally built narrow to encourage driving at reasonable speeds. Unfortunately, the sidewalk is narrow and there's no room for protected bike lanes. Improving this situation will likely look for space from the old DPW property.

In EOH itself, Bike Tarrytown encourages the western side of Legend Drive (called Road Four during the planning process), presently slated to be car parking, be a 2-way protected bike lane. This will create a safe, direct spine for people traveling in and through EOH.

East Parcel

Initial plans for the new East Parcel park included no safe means for people to bike into the park nor places for people to store cycles upon arrival. We offered the following advice:

Before the creation of Bike Tarrytown, I wrote about an access network from the north:

Headless Horseman Trail

The Headless Horseman trail on south side of Pocantico River is nice, but not a useful connection. Here's how to make a 24/7 connection. This is a piece of the East Parcel and Route 9 concepts mentioned above.

Old Croton Aqueduct

Map / graphic of how the Old Croton Aqueduct has been stolen by home owners on Hudson Terrace in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

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Home owners on Hudson Terrace have taken over public land. State Parks confirms none of them have agreements with the State to do so. This forces people to walk and bike through the High School parking lot. Parking lots are dangerous places.

At the north end of that stretch, we need to create a safe crosswalk of Bedford Rd (State Route 448) and a sidewalk up the hill on the north side of the street to Sleepy Hollow Rd. (Plus add sidewalks to Webber Ave and Sleepy Hollow Rd.)

The Village / State need to rework the OCA / Gorey Brook Rd crossing. Cars park all over the right of way. Need to create dedicated space for walking and cycling.


The Village needs to create a plan to complete our sidewalk network. The plan should create a scoring system to determine the order to implement everything in. Key considerations would be connections between neighborhoods, vehicle volumes, etc.

Some locations have car owners parking their vehicles in ways that block sidewalks. The Village needs to take education and enforcement measures to ensure walkways are clear.

Snow removal needs improvement. Too many property owners skip their responsibility, making things difficult and dangerous for people walking. Imagine if streets were handled in the same way, with adjacent owners responsible for shoveling it. (The same could be said about sidewalk repairs.)

Not only do bus stops and crosswalks often not get cleared, they sometimes get snow plowed into them.

Montreal is an excellent example of municipal sidewalk snow removal. To remain within New York's tax cap, the process can be funded via a separate small fee, like garbage collection is.


As a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee, I put the following presentation together with Claire Davis (the Committee's Co-Chair). Contains recommendations on how to make walking nicer and safer on Valley St, Cortlandt St and parts of Beekman Ave.

Shuttle / Buses

There has been much discussion in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown over the years of implementing shuttle bus services. Implementing a system with headways short enough to garner significant ridership would be a significant recurring cost. We would be better served by a 4-pronged strategy:



More Comp Plan information is on our Sleepy Hollow Comprehensive Plan Home Page. | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn