April 4, 2018

Demand Safe, 24/7 Bike Access to the Tappan Zee / Cuomo Bridge

Call to arms

Polite Infographic to convey problem to politicians.

Yeees, we need to contact Governor Cuomo aaagain.

Everyone did an amazing job nudging him in the last round.

Together, we got the Thruway Authority to remove the swing gates, switch dismount signs to yield signs and improve warning signs for people driving!

But now they're creating other problems.

We've got the State moving in the right direction. Let's coax Cuomo to take the last couple steps to get this right.

Tell Cuomo:

(Background on these asks is in the letter to the Governor sent by a coalition of 14 groups.)

Take Action!

Call or email Governor Cuomo and his transportation staff now:

Cuomo: 518-474-8390 x2
Mahoney: 518-436-2700 (Chair of the Thruway's Board)

Ali Chaudhry <ali.chaudhry@exec.ny.gov>,
Joanne Mahoney <joanne.mahoney@thruway.ny.gov>

It's important to ask your State Senator, Assembly Member, County Executive, Mayor and Town Supervisor to do the same. These folks carry weight with the Thruway and Governor.

Send them the "Polite Infographic" to quickly convey the problem. (At right, 2nd image from top of page.)

NY Assembly Map. Click to enlarge.

NY Senate Map. Click to enlarge.

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