First Request for Improvements @ Tappan Zee Bridge Bike Path's Rockland Terminus

Date: 9 Oct 2017
From: Daniel Convissor <>
To: Peter Harckham <>, George Paschalis <>
Subject: path terminus design in south nyack

Hi Pete and George:

The designs for the new Tappan Zee Bridge's Spur Path / Side Path in South Nyack dated late March 2017 just came across my desk from a friend. Overall it looks good. There are a few problems that need to be addressed, please.

Redirect Conflict Reduction Measures

All of the traffic calming measures are intended to protect people walking from people biking. No measures are shown that protect people walking and cycling from people driving.

The number of people walking harmed by people biking is less than the number of people injured falling off ladders. That while people driving injure and kill over 2,500,000 people each year.

Rumble Strips are OK

It's reasonable to have rumble strips leading up to, and the granite pavers at, the point where the Esposito Trail crosses the Spur Path. Assuming they're ADA compatible, of course.

Replace Dismount Signs with Yield Signs

Requiring people riding bikes to dismount is unreasonable. Because it's unreasonable, very few people will do it, setting up general disregard for the law. And it creates an opportunity for discriminatory enforcement. The appropriate treatment are signs requiring people biking to yield to people walking.

Barrier Gates?

How are the spring loaded gates at the terminus going to be used? From the signs on them, it looks like they might normally be in the closed position. If that's the case, that's inappropriate.

Build Raised Crosswalk

A tremendous number of people that will be walking, cycling at the corner of Clinton Ave and Franklin St. Thus, people driving should push their cars through the intersection. Just kidding. A raised intersection treatment should be used, including special coloring of the Esposito Trail crossing.

Reduce Curve Radius

The curve radius of the curb at the southeast corner of Clinton and Franklin is way too large. People in vehicles will be able to move too fast when making right turns from northbound Franklin to eastbound Clinton.

Similarly with the curb at the northeast corner for those driving from westbound Clinton to northbound Franklin.

Install "Bikes May Use Full Lane" Signs

I see "bicyclists share the roadway" signs are being planned. Since the streets near the terminus are narrow, it's necessary to install "bikes may use full lane" (MUTCD R4-11) signs along area streets.

Send Signal Plans

Please forward us the signalization plans for the Clinton / Franklin intersection, including locations, phasing and timing.


--Dan | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn